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  • Western Australia’s Coral Coast Is the Road Trip Destination of Your Dreams

Western Australia’s Coral Coast Is the Road Trip Destination of Your Dreams

Western Australia’s Coral Coast Is the Road Trip Destination of Your Dreams

Did you know that the longest place name in the world is Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu?

It’s a hill in New Zealand and roughly translates to "The summit where Tamatea, the man with the big knees, the climber of mountains, the land-swallower who traveled about, played his nose flute to his loved one." Imagine trying to fit that on your luggage tag!

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  • Passport Renewal Revolution: Easier Than Ever!

  • Western Australia’s Coral Coast Is the Road Trip Destination of Your Dreams

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Fun Trivia

Which country is home to the world's tallest uninterrupted waterfall?

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Passport Renewal Revolution: Easier Than Ever!

Renewing your passport can be a hassle, right up there with DMV visits and dentist appointments. But here’s the good news: the State Department has rolled out some exciting updates to make the process smoother.

🛂 What’s Coming:

Great news! The State Department is expanding with six new passport agencies across the US, from Orlando, FL to Salt Lake City, UT. Soon, getting your passport renewed should be quicker and less of a headache. Keep an eye out for when these locations open!

But wait, there’s more! You can now renew your passport online, though it’s currently in beta testing with specific rules. Just a heads up, online renewal isn’t available if your passport expired over five years ago. Get all the details here.

These updates come at a perfect time, especially with more Americans traveling than ever before—from 5% in 1990 to 48% today. It’s about time the State Department caught up with the demand for hassle-free travel.

✈️ Tip of The Day:

Remember, most countries require your passport to be valid for at least six months beyond your travel dates. Plan ahead and renew your passport at least nine months before it expires. And for a savvy move, why not schedule your passport photo on the same day as your next hair appointment? Smart and stylish travel starts with a great picture!

Western Australia’s Coral Coast Is the Road Trip Destination of Your Dreams

Embark on an extraordinary journey across Western Australia's Coral Coast, a sprawling expanse from Perth to Exmouth. This itinerary promises contrasting landscapes—from Perth's urban charm to Kalbarri's rugged cliffs, and Shark Bay's azure waters to Ningaloo Reef's biodiverse wonders. Discover remote islands, ancient gorges, and vibrant marine life, offering an unforgettable adventure through one of Australia's most untouched regions.

Travel Itinerary: Discovering Western Australia's Coral Coast

Day 1: Arrival in Perth

  • Morning: Arrive in Perth after a long journey from New York.

  • Afternoon: Explore Elizabeth Quay Waterfront and Kings Park.

  • Evening: Enjoy seafood at Cooee overlooking Swan River, then watch sunset at Cottesloe Beach.

Day 2: Fremantle and Rottnest Island

  • Morning: Visit Fremantle, explore maritime history at WA Shipwrecks Museum.

  • Afternoon: Take SeaLink ferry to Rottnest Island, encounter quokkas and enjoy outdoor activities.

  • Evening: Return to Perth for dinner and relaxation.

Day 3: Drive to Geraldton

  • Morning: Pick up rental car (Avis) and head north towards Geraldton.

  • Afternoon: Stop at Lancelin for sandboarding and Cervantes for rock lobster.

  • Evening: Arrive in Geraldton, settle in for the night.

Day 4: Abrolhos Islands

  • Morning: Charter flight with Shine Aviation to Abrolhos Islands.

  • Daytime: Snorkel, fish, and explore the diverse wildlife of the islands.

  • Evening: Return to Geraldton, relax and dine locally.

Day 5: Kalbarri National Park

  • Morning: Drive to Kalbarri, visit Hutt Lagoon (Pink Lake) en route.

  • Afternoon: Explore Kalbarri National Park, hike Nature’s Window and Z Bend.

  • Evening: Dinner at Finlay’s, enjoy local cuisine and sunset views.

Day 6: Shark Bay and Francois Peron National Park

  • Morning: Depart for Shark Bay, check in at RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort.

  • Afternoon: Explore Francois Peron National Park, witness the red cliffs and turquoise waters.

  • Evening: Optional guided tour with Wula Gura Nyinda, camp or stay at the resort.

Day 7: Drive to Exmouth

  • Morning: Journey to Exmouth, stop at Coral Bay for snorkeling.

  • Afternoon: Arrive at Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef, unwind in safari-style tents.

  • Evening: Dinner and relaxation at the resort, no Wi-Fi for a truly unplugged experience.

Day 8: Cape Range National Park

  • Morning: Explore Cape Range National Park, hike Mandu Mandu Gorge and Yardie Creek.

  • Afternoon: Discover Shothole Canyon and its vibrant rock layers.

  • Evening: Relax at Sal Salis, enjoy shared dinners and starry skies.

Day 9: Whale Shark Swim

  • Morning: Join Exmouth Dive & Whalesharks Ningaloo for a thrilling whale shark swim.

  • Afternoon: Return to Exmouth, relax and reflect on your Coral Coast adventure.

  • Evening: Dinner at Whalebone Brewing Co, share stories of your aquatic encounter.

Day 10: Departure

  • Morning: Pack and depart from Learmonth Airport, reflecting on your journey through Western Australia's remote and stunning Coral Coast.

Additional Tips:

  • Best Time to Visit: March to October for mild weather and special wildlife events.

  • Logistics: Plan for 10-14 days to fully enjoy the Coral Coast road trip.

  • Must-See: Ningaloo Reef, Kalbarri National Park, and Shark Bay are highlights not to be missed.

Western Australia’s Coral Coast offers a journey through rugged landscapes, vibrant marine life, and rich cultural heritage, providing an unforgettable adventure for travelers seeking natural beauty and unique experiences.

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