The Disney World of Wellness Just Opened in Texas

Endless Horizons: A Lifetime of Adventure at Sea with Villa Vie Residences

In Bolivia, there's a place called the "Salar de Uyuni," which is the world's largest salt flat. During the rainy season, a thin layer of water covers the flat, turning it into the world's largest natural mirror. It creates a stunning optical illusion where the sky and clouds above seem to merge seamlessly with the ground below, making it a surreal and breathtaking sight for travelers and photographers alike.

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Endless Horizons: A Lifetime of Adventure at Sea with Villa Vie Residences

Villa Vie Residences is introducing an innovative program called the Endless Horizons, offering travelers a lifetime of cruising adventures. Instead of settling for short vacations, this program allows individuals to enjoy unlimited worldwide cruises for a one-time payment. Solo cabins are available for $299,999 and doubles for $499,999, with no hidden fees. The cruises, launching this summer, will span every continent, visiting over 425 ports in 147 countries every 3.5 years.

Onboard, guests can expect ocean-view cabins, high-speed internet, inclusive meals and snacks, shore excursions, laundry services, a pool, fitness center, and various other amenities. The cruise caters to all ages, making it an attractive option for avid travelers and retirees alike.

For those who prefer flexibility, guests can stay aboard as long as they wish and disembark with 30 days' notice before rejoining. Family and friends can also join the cruise for $129 per day.

Additionally, Villa Vie Residences offers shorter pay-as-you-go trips ranging from 35 to 120 days, featuring routes such as a 69-day journey from Sydney to Bali or a 51-day voyage through India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. This flexibility ensures there's an option for every type of traveler, whether they seek a lifetime commitment to cruising or a shorter adventure.

The Disney World of Wellness Just Opened in Texas

Photo by Chase Hall

Imagine a place where the magic isn't about mouse-eared mascots or Dole Whip treats, but rather about 46 outdoor soaking pools, eight saunas, and a luxurious spa spread across nine acres. Welcome to WorldSprings, dubbed the Disney World of Wellness. It's nestled in Grandscape, just 20 minutes north of Dallas, and opened its mineral-rich doors in June.

Inspired by world-famous hot springs like Jordan's Dead Sea and Iceland's Blue Lagoon, WorldSprings boasts pools tailored to mimic these global wonders. Picture a super saline Dead Sea pool or waters infused with lithium and silica akin to European basins—it's a global journey in every soak. Divided into four regions—Americas, Europe, Asia, and South Pacific—the pools cater to every wellness seeker's dream.

Now, hold your Mickey ears—WorldSprings isn't your typical theme park, but it's definitely a must-visit for wellness aficionados. For $55–$75, you can indulge in a three-hour soaking session amidst pools ranging from chilly 45-degree plunges to soothing 104-degree dips (kids get in at a starting rate of $40). And it's not just about the pools—the venue offers top-notch spa treatments and a cozy Springs Kitchen and Bar to recharge after all that pampering.

Even if you're not in Texas, fear not: WorldSprings proudly counts Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Colorado as its sister site, ensuring wellness nirvana isn't far away. So, whether you're seeking a rejuvenating dip or a spa day fit for royalty, WorldSprings promises to deliver the magic of relaxation, one mineral-infused pool at a time.

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